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Now that simple VCRs are fading into obsolescence, I'm screwed.

I've had my VCR a couple years. That's pretty good, considering how often I tape things. Little did I know, though, since I last purchased a VCR, they've essentially been phased out of stock from Walmart and Target, etc. Walmart stocks only a handful of VHS tapes - just until they run out. Although their website says otherwise, this is the official line as told to me per the store manager.

Silly me, thinking something as essential as a VCR would stick around for a few more years. The world is changing quickly and I can't seem to keep up. Not that I really ever tried, but still...

Is it too much to ask to keep VCRs around a little longer?

None of this makes much sense unless you've guessed that my VCR took a major turn for the worse last night. Somehow that screeching noise just isn't welcome. Nor is the clunking sound.

Why does everyone have to convert to DVRs? Wwwwwhhhhhhyyyyyyyy? What about those poor people out in the middle of Arctic? You know, the ones without food and stuff. The ones recently unfrozen. Do you think they can afford a DVR? Or the subscription for content? No, they can't. And neither can I. But unlike the unfrozen cavemen, I'll track down one of those $40 recorders and tell my dad it's on my birthday list. I know he'll go for it. A $40 birthday gift? What a bargain!

So the quest begins. It'll distract me from my new residence search just long enough to provide a little comic relief. I hope.

On the new home front, things aren't going all that well. I have determined that I need a single story, on the first floor (basically NO steps), in a specific price range, in a certain area, and the landlord must be willing to work with my twice a month payments. I've found several places that fall into one or two of those categories, but none with all. And so it continues. I refuse to be beaten by this thing. I will prevail.

I would also like to give big thanks to a certain "I wish to remain anonymous" for helping me out of the jam I was in with my current landlord. I've bought a month of quiet from her and it gives me time to look for a new place. So, again, THANK YOU to "I wish to remain anonymous" - you're a life saver. Repayment will be slow, but it will happen.

Before I logoff, I have to share this last thing with you. Little Dude told me things at school have been going really well since we had that problem with the boys who threatened him, except for a new boy at school. "He keeps calling me 'g.a.y.', Mom. Why does he do that?" I had to explain that name-calling is a sign of a limited vocabulary or, at the very least, an unimaginative bully. And I also had to explain exactly what gay meant. The funny thing is, L.D. knew what it meant without knowing that word. Go figure. I guess it's one of those things I took for granted - he knows lots of gay people, he just didn't know there was a label for them. I sort of preferred the whole "no label" thing. All it takes, though, is for one person to ruin that for a .

What I'm really proud of, when it comes to L.D., is his ability to see people for who they are individually. How they conduct themselves toward him and others determines how he views them. He's an open book and I think that's pretty damn admirable.

Well, here's to a few drama-free hours. May your life be calm for a bit, too.

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