Magic Number

I always thought the magic number was 42. I mean, it's supposed to be the answer to everything, right? So why is it that 40 seems to be the new 42?

First, I got to spend the entire Mother's Day weekend with my son. We had a great time. There was a small music festival here in town over the weekend and our local blues group had a tent there. I didn't have to do much other than talk to people who were interested in our group, which I could do while sitting if needed. And it was needed. But it was on the bay and it was beautiful outside (for the most part). I got to hang with my and my friends, hear great music, take fun photos, and enjoy the lovely weather.

And then we come to how 40 played into some of the events of the weekend.

The mere mention of my impending 40th birthday brought about many wonderful comments and proposals. More than one person told me I don't look 40. This is something I've received a lot lately. I've been carded more times than ever before. Nice! I've also been told there's no way I could possibly be more than 30-32. These folks are now my new best friends. I physically feel older than 40 but feel much younger mentally.

Then there were a couple of gentlemen who came by our booth during the festival (I was working the blues society tent with others in the group). One guy and I started talking about an upcoming blues festival north of here. It's huge...and it's one of those events I've always wanted to attend but couldn't afford. Out of the blue, this man offered to take me. I laughed, but he said he was serious. Especially because it's happening during my "birthday weekend". Another man heard my birthday was coming up and bought me a CD from one of my favorite local bands!

And that leads me to that band. Without naming names, let's just say I did an interview with the frontman for the group and it turns out it's been incorporated into their press kit.


What's up with all the good stuff? That's so not in keeping with my latest run of luck. But, that's what's going on. I'm flattered and pleased, and really, really stumped.

As for the one blues fest, I doubt that I'll go. Despite the offer and the guy having my card and email address, I really don't believe he'll contact me. Still, it was nice to have that offered. And it made me feel pretty damn good about myself.

40 does seem to be a magical number, no matter what people say about 42.

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