Be Very, Very Proud of Me - Or Something

I did my own taxes this year. Sadly, it cost me more money to do it that way than it did to have my tax guy do them, but his office was closed today and I missed my appointment back in March. I had to do this all on my own.

Okay, so maybe I had a little help from Greg Z., Super Accountant and Attorney to Da Goddess. Ironically, my state refund will just about cover my phone bill on that one.

The Federal refund? Oh, holy moly! Because I earned so very little -having worked only three weeks last year before my injury - and I get to claim Little Dude this time around, I get a very nice refund. And that's a good thing. I need it to fix my ailing car.

That's right, I didn't blog about my car adventures last week, did I? After my third doctor appointment of the week, I was on my way home when the car began to slow. A lot. And then, it started shaking a little. More than usual. After that, lights started coming on all over the place, including the radiator light. And I believed it. I'd been stuck in traffic and watched the thermostat creep up and up and up. I pulled off to the side of the road, called AAA, and waited.

I was going to take the car to a repair shop but there wasn't anyone available to drive me home. Instead, I had the tow truck driver bring me and the One-Eyed One-Horned (get it - one horn?) Rattling Purple People Seater back home. I waited until someone could come look at the thing (someone other than Mr. Handy Dustman, which they did, and the recently flushed and filled cooling system was very much in need of fluid. Sheesh!

There's a ton of work that still needs to be done, cuz I can't afford to keep going through fuel the way I have been, nor can I afford to keep dumping oil in to the extent that I have. My Federal Refund will help to make my car last a little longer, and really, that's all I ask.

Plus, it'll keep my new landlord off my ass for a couple months. Yeah, another secret I've been keeping from you. I have a new landlord. Said landlord just bought the condo from former Awesome Landlord, but is nothing like the former Awesome Landlord. Instead of being able to split my rent up into two payments, new landlord wants everything right. now. damnit.

See? This is why I don't update as much as I could/should. You don't want the never ending sob story, do you? Of course not! I have to sneak it in.

So now that you know of all the latest news, I'm heading off to file my nails and deflea my dinosaur.

Hope your tax day was fun!

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